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Were You Criminally Charged For Taking Pictures In Public?

subpic1In the age of cellphone cameras and video, the laws governing illegal electronic surveillance have become increasingly difficult to navigate. In general, there is no invasion of privacy when a person is photographed or caught on video in a public place. However, such legal protections do not eliminate possible arrest for unlawful surveillance, especially when the case involves photographing or videotaping minors.

At Goldberg & Allen, LLP, we protect the rights of New York City artists and civilians alike who are criminally charged for unlawful surveillance. Our lawyers — who both served as First Deputy Bureau Chiefs for the Brooklyn D.A.’s Office before opening our criminal defense firm in 1996 — have kept up to date with the relationship between the law and technology. We understand the complexities of New York’s unlawful surveillance law, and we apply that knowledge to helping clients defend their rights.

Protecting Your Rights — And Reputation — Against Serious Criminal Charges

New York has a statute banning the surreptitious, or secretive, videotaping or photographing of individuals in places where they can expect a reasonable amount of privacy, such as in a bedroom or bathroom. This unlawful surveillance law applies to both public places as well as private residences or businesses. It can also be used to prosecute those who secretly record or photograph another’s “intimate parts” without that person’s knowledge or permission.

Even if they were not motivated by any type of ill will, individuals charged with the surreptitious filming or photography of adults or minors face significant penalties if convicted. Our attorneys understand the legal complexities involved in defending your rights against unlawful surveillance charges. We provide the thorough case review, in-depth analysis and vigorous representation you need to protect your rights and reputation.

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If you have been criminally charged or had your property seized due to alleged unlawful surveillance of adults or minors, please contact us to arrange a free initial consultation and case review with one of our New York City unlawful surveillance defense attorneys. Our experienced sex crimes attorneys can help you understand your options and build an effective defense strategy that minimizes the consequences you face.