New York City Money Laundering Defense Lawyer

subpic2Money laundering is a serious felony offense covered by specific, complex federal statutes. The original intent of these laws was focused on control of organized crime. Today, however, prosecutors commonly pursue money laundering cases against people with legitimate businesses who are suspected of handling illegally obtained money and conducting improper transactions.

Penalties for money laundering convictions can include long prison terms and huge fines up to twice the value of each unlawful transaction. Anyone indicted or under investigation for money laundering should turn as quickly as possible to a law firm with extensive experience handling complex financial crime defense and proceedings in federal court.

Targeted by a Government Investigation? Facing an Indictment?

In recent years, eliminating corporate corruption and stopping the flow of money to criminal and terrorist elements have been major priorities for the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and other authorities. Government investigations into suspected financial crimes have intensified, and your case may be one result of this added scrutiny over activities such as:

  • Any financial transactions involving money obtained illegally
  • Failures to complete required currency transaction reports (CTRs) or otherwise properly report cash transactions to all appropriate government agencies and authorities, or
  • “Structuring” of transactions to avoid reporting requirements

Former Prosecutors Who Know Your Rights and Cannot Be Intimidated

Like offenses covered by the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) that carry severe consequences, money laundering is frequently combined with other “white collar” charges.

Prosecutors may file money laundering charges along with others such as fraud, enterprise corruption, falsifying business records or larceny — forcing extensive defense preparation and attempting to increase pressure on the defendant to plead guilty to one or more. The charge may also be leveled along with drug trafficking or other criminal allegations.

Investigation, Preparation and Advocacy You Can Trust

At Goldberg & Allen, LLP, we recognize that protection of your business reputation may be as critical as avoiding jail time and other penalties. You can depend on our New York City money laundering attorneys to pursue viable strategies for earning a dismissal of charges against you to minimize negative publicity. If, however, your case must proceed to trial or ultimately through appeal, you will have a longstanding, proven criminal trial lawyer on your side.

For the legal counsel and representation you need in this challenging time, please contact us, the lawyers who trained the prosecutors and police. Call 212-766-3366.