New York City White Collar Crimes Lawyer

subpic2For many New York state and federal prosecutors, indicting and convicting white collar criminals is a priority. These cases often attract media attention and win publicity for authorities, and their effort to build a case against you will likely be relentless. You need an experienced lawyer who can skillfully match and counter these efforts.

Conviction on felony charges such as embezzlement, fraud or enterprise corruption could mean a lengthy prison term and irreparable damage to your career. If you have been arrested or contacted as part of a government investigation — even as a witness — contact us at Goldberg & Allen, LLP, for savvy legal guidance that could make the difference for your future.

Charged With Or Under Investigation For Criminal Activity?

Our New York City white collar crimes attorneys are former high-level prosecutors themselves, with the knowledge to analyze all circumstances and pursue the best possible outcome in cases involving:

  • Embezzlement, forgery and fraud offenses, including mail fraud or wire fraud, health care fraud, mortgage fraud or contract fraud
  • Bribery of an inspector, police officer or other government agent — or charges of giving or receiving unlawful gratuities
  • Enterprise corruption — a Class B felony charge alleging involvement in a conspiracy, often combined with federal RICO charges
  • Falsifying business records to profit illegally, conceal other crimes or obtain government benefits
  • Money laundering and a wide range of other serious white collar charges

Do You Need A Fraud Or Theft Defense Attorney? Call Us Today.

All kinds of people come under investigation for white collar crimes they may never even have heard of: executives, assistants, accounts, licensed professionals and others. We know your case may involve decisions you made because of personal hardship, pressure from superiors, or a vast range of other factors.

Now is not the time to seek low-cost, unproven legal representation — and talking to authorities without an attorney could be a move you regret. Contact us for a free consultation with a defense lawyer determined to keep you out of court altogether, negotiate for restitution or other manageable consequences, or drive for acquittal in state or federal court. Call 212-766-3366.