New York City Police Shooting Case Lawyers

subpic3A police shooting is an unspeakable tragedy that has impacted more and more New York City families in recent years. If you were shot and wounded by a police officer, or if a family member was shot and killed by a police officer, our skilled attorneys can take a hard, honest look at your potential claim. We will explore if the shooting was in any way justifiable and if you are entitled to compensation.

Our knowledgeable New York police violence lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. If you or a family member was shot by an officer, please contact us at Goldberg & Allen, LLP. We can discuss your potential claim without risk or cost to you.

A Well-Rounded Approach to Your Family’s Concerns

If your loved one was shot and wounded or killed by a cop, you are going to be forced to deal with many issues. The issues will extend far beyond bringing a lawsuit, appearing in court and seeking compensation. While this is a large part of it, you will also need guidance regarding your interactions with the prosecutor’s office, speaking with the press, seeking federal or joint investigations and pressure from the community. Essentially, you may need to ask yourself, “How far do I want to push this case?”

Our skilled New York City police shooting case attorneys will be with you throughout the entirety of your case. We will be there to help you deal with the press coverage, the community pressure, the publicity and many other types of issues that can arise.

Our attorneys, Jay K. Goldberg and Gerald Allen, are both former prosecutors and First Deputy Bureau Chiefs who worked in the Brooklyn D.A.’s office for many years. Both attorneys have extensive knowledge of law enforcement procedures, including familiarity with all aspects of the current police patrol guide. We know what the authorities can and cannot legally do in their efforts to enforce the law.

Is Police Liability a Factor?

When we look at the shooting, we will determine if it was justifiable or an excessive use of force. The person who was shot may have been in the midst of committing a crime. However, it can still be considered excessive force. Deadly force can be lawfully used only when law enforcement or another individual (or individuals) is under imminent threat of serious harm or death.

Contact a New York Police Violence Attorney

At Goldberg & Allen, LLP, we take a special, determined interest in civil actions that promote fairness and quality law enforcement in our city. If your family is faced with tragedy after a police shooting, please call us at 212-766-3366. You can also contact us online to schedule your free case review.