New York City Aggravated Unlicensed Operation Attorney

subpic5When most people think of serious criminal charges, driving with a suspended license may not come to mind. In New York, however, this offense lands many solid citizens in jail and carries other severe penalties.

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Three Degrees of Unlicensed Operation

Technically speaking, driving with a suspended license is referred to as “aggravated unlicensed operation,” or AUO. It is critical to take any AUO or similar charge seriously and understand exactly what you have on the line. Possible consequences include:

  • AUO in the third degree, punishable with a fine up to $500, points against your license and even jail time
  • AUO in the second degree, a more serious misdemeanor punishable with greater fines and a greater likelihood of jail time — up to 180 days — or probation
  • A felony charge of AUO in the first degree, often accompanied by a DWI or numerous underlying suspensions and punishable with severe fines and state prison time

Investigating All Possible Lines of Defense and Negotiation

New York AUO laws are intended to prevent accidents, but they also blindside many drivers who do not realize they are under suspension or underestimate the consequences of an AUO arrest.

As New York City aggravated unlicensed operation lawyers, we have handled numerous cases involving failure to deal with one or multiple traffic tickets, the lack of a lawful, certified suspension notice and other issues. In one case, we represented a driver who was wrongfully arrested and jailed for AUO in a civil action.

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