New York City Marijuana Defense Lawyer

subpic5After changes in New York laws over the past decade, we will not tell you that simple marijuana possession is a major offense demanding top-quality legal counsel. But a drug conviction on your criminal record can limit you in many ways, and if you are charged with dealing marijuana or possessing a large amount, your future is definitely on the line.

Marijuana arrests remain a priority in New York, more because of a desire to limit demand and curb illegal financial activity than because of the inherent dangers of the drug. If you have been charged with marijuana possession, sale, trafficking or cultivation and want a proven drug crime defense lawyer on your side, contact us now at Goldberg & Allen, LLP.

Will You Have a Criminal Record? Are You Facing Jail Time?

We know that you may be dealing with a “civil infraction,” or violation, a misdemeanor for a repeat possession offense, or a felony for possession of eight ounces of pot or more. Any charge involving sale of the drug can bring jail time, even for first offenders.

Proven Drug Crime Defense Lawyers Who Know Prosecution Strategies

Our lawyers’ success rate for our clients in drug possession cases is notable, and we treat every case with dedication and focus. We are impeccably prepared to build a defense for you based on illegal search and seizure, someone’s false testimony or other facts and matters of law. As former high-level prosecutors, we negotiate alternative sentencing and other favorable consequences with skill and purpose.

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If you need to talk with a New York City marijuana defense attorney before making a decision on how to handle your case, contact us. We are prepared to review your case free and spell out potential legal options in clear language. Should your case ultimately go to trial, you will have a respected force for individual rights on your side every step of the way.