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subpic6Driver’s license suspension or revocation is one of the most serious consequences of a DWI conviction. The suspension or revocation of your driver’s license is a major inconvenience, at best. If you hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL), however, the suspension or revocation of your CDL will have devastating consequences.

If you hold a CDL and are convicted of DWI, DWAI, or driving with a blood-alcohol content of .04 or higher, your CDL will be suspended for at least one year. Second offenses could result in lifetime revocation. In all likelihood, you will lose your job and your ability to support yourself and your family. It is not relevant whether your DWI charges took place on the job or while you operated your own vehicle. If you hold a CDL and have been accused of DWI or DWAI, you face the very loss of your livelihood.

In these situations, you cannot have a defense lawyer who is content to seek a plea bargain. You need an attorney who understands what is at stake and is prepared to put forth an aggressive, thorough defense.

Taking Strong Action From the Beginning of Your Case

We are the law firm of Goldberg & Allen. Our partners, Gerald Allen and Jay Goldberg, each bring more than 25 years of criminal law experience. Prior to becoming defense attorneys, we each earned the position of First Deputy Bureau Chief in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. We have significant, tangible experience both defending and prosecuting DWI cases. Our attorneys know what is necessary to combat drunk driving charges. We will look at whether or not there was probable cause to stop your vehicle. We will look for discrepancies between the police report and what actually took place. We will look at whether or not any of your constitutional rights were violated in any point in your traffic stop and arrest. Our approach has yielded positive outcomes for individuals throughout the greater New York City area.

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