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subpic5Driving crimes – whether alcohol was involved or not – are treated with extreme seriousness by New York police and criminal prosecutors. Laws have changed in recent years to increase the potential penalties for a driving-related criminal conviction, and police and prosecutors give a lot of attention to investigating incidents like hit-and-run accidents and reckless driving charges.

A hit-and-run or reckless driving conviction can land you in jail and significantly impact your driving record, leading to years of unintended consequences. Your future may hinge on the experience and knowledge of your criminal defense attorney.

At the Midtown Manhattan criminal defense law firm of Goldberg & Allen, LLP, both of our attorneys have worked within the criminal justice system for decades. As former high-level prosecutors who turned to criminal defense in 1996, Jay K. Goldberg and Gerald Allen have demonstrated experience and success defending clients against serious hit-and-run or reckless driving charges. We strive to prove that your car accident was nothing more than an accident, even though it may appear otherwise.

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Hit-And-Run Defense By A Recognized Driving Offenses Expert

Founding partner Gerald Allen is widely recognized as a statewide expert in prosecuting and defending criminal charges involving vehicles – including DWI arrests, vehicular manslaughter cases, hit-and-run arrests and reckless driving charges. When working at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Allen trained several leading prosecutors in driving offenses such as hit-and-run incidents.

At Goldberg & Allen, our clients receive the full benefit of our lawyers’ past experiences as prosecutors and their work since 1996 on behalf of criminal defendants. Our strategies are often highly effective because we rely on our knowledge of prosecution tactics to build our defense.

In-Depth Attention For Hit-And-Run Accidents

New York law requires that where a motor vehicle accident results in property damage or personal injury, the driver must stay at the scene and provide identification and insurance information. Unfortunately, it is a natural human reaction to panic and leave the scene of a car accident without stopping. Doing so, however, is a crime and is treated seriously in New York.

If you were involved in a car accident and left the scene, it is critically important to contact us immediately. Do not just sit and wait for the police to show up, because there are steps that we can proactively take to alleviate the situation.

Our hit-and-run defense attorneys will clearly explain your legal options and the potential consequences of each option. We work vigilantly to protect your rights, using our extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the criminal justice system.

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