New York Bribery Defense Attorney

subpic2What some people may see as a fair cost or perk for doing business can become a serious criminal matter if a police officer or other government agent sees it differently.

New York state law sets out many different, specific offenses involving bribery and illegal payments — ranging from misdemeanor charges of giving or receiving unlawful gratuities to the level of class B felonies under certain circumstances.

Essential Legal Counsel if You Have Been Arrested or Come Under Investigation

If you have been arrested for any form of bribery, or if you have been contacted about an investigation into illegal payments or other such activities, you can turn to a New York bribery defense lawyer at Goldberg & Allen, LLP. We will bring decades of experience from both sides of white collar criminal matters to bear on your case, along with the commitment to:

  • Thoroughly investigate allegations and circumstances to gauge the strength of the prosecution’s case and identify your best defense approach
  • Assess and explain legal options including fighting charges against you with a defense case based on your entrapment

Bribery Allegations Involving Government Inspectors and Police

Our strengths as defense lawyers reach across the spectrum of bribery, rewarding official misconduct, and other alleged crimes involving pay in return for favors or influence. We can provide defense of:

  • Business owners and contractors accused of bribing public officials such as health inspectors, sanitation inspectors or other representatives of a government agency
  • Foreign businesspeople accustomed to different business practices and standards associated with bribery
  • People arrested for offering a bribe to an NYPD or other law enforcement officer, often in the attempt to “settle” a ticket or avoid a DWI arrest
  • Government officials accused of corruption

Do You Need a Resourceful Extortion Lawyer?

We know that your business, job, freedom and reputation may all be on the line if you have been accused of any form of bribery, payment or receipt of an unlawful gratuity, larceny involving extortion of threats, or another such offense. With more than 50 years of experience in the New York City legal system, our attorneys are here to help you make the soundest possible decisions and negotiate or go to trial in your defense. Contact us now for a free case review. Call 212-766-3366.