NYC Police Misconduct Lawyers

subpic3There are law enforcement guidelines, and there are legal standards. If you have been victimized in any way by a police officer, you need an attorney who has comprehensive knowledge of both.

Our attorneys, Jay K. Goldberg and Gerald Allen, are both former prosecutors and First Deputy Bureau Chiefs who worked in the Brooklyn D.A.’s office for many years. Both attorneys have extensive knowledge of law enforcement procedures, including familiarity with all aspects of the current police patrol guide. Our attorneys know what the authorities can and cannot legally do in their efforts to enforce the law.

This means that if you were harmed or if your rights were violated by police misconduct, you can turn to our firm with confidence. We are New York City civil rights violation lawyers who handle many types of police misconduct claims. Please contact us to schedule your free case review regarding any of the following.

Examples of Police Misconduct

Our skilled attorneys handle many types of police misconduct cases. If you were harmed, victimized or otherwise wronged by law enforcement, please talk to us.

  • Police brutality and false arrest: Were you assaulted by an officer or injured during the arrest? Were you wrongfully arrested because proper procedures were not followed?
  • Excessive use of force: If you were seriously injured because an officer used excessive force on you, talk to us.
  • Injuries due to handcuff and arrest process: Many of these injuries also fall under “excessive use of force” and relate specifically to handcuff injuries and injuries that a person sustains during the arrest process.
  • Police shootings: Was your loved one shot and killed by a police officer? The lawful use of deadly force, whether resulting in death or injury, is extremely limited. We can readily determine if the shooting was justifiable or excessive.
  • Taser and stun gun injuries: A taser gun is a powerful weapon that delivers 50,000 volts of electricity in just one jolt. Serious injury and death can occur when a person is jolted more than once or when he or she is hit in a “bad” spot with the taser.
  • Street encounters with police involving ID requests and searches: Our NYC police misconduct attorneys are aware of the increase in “stop and frisks” in recent years. Similarly, police often request identification without any legal basis and then arrest the person who lawfully refuses or challenges such request. These actions are often the result of racial profiling, causing many innocent people to undergo unnecessary stops, questioning and arrest.

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