Doctor Shopping Defense Attorneys in New York City

subpic5Doctor shopping occurs when individuals who are addicted to prescription drugs visit various medical professionals in an effort to get as many prescriptions as possible. There is nothing illegal about seeking medical help for a legitimate reason. However, addiction can lead to doctor shopping and serious potential penalties for people who are caught engaging in this practice.

At the law firm of Goldberg & Allen, LLP, our doctor shopping defense lawyers in New York City have more than 50 years of combined legal experience. We can defend against both state and federal charges, and we will work hard to protect the rights of the accused while helping them get the help that they need.

Dedicated Defense Against Prescription Drug Crimes

As former high-level prosecutors, our Manhattan criminal defense lawyers understand how the other side is likely to build their case. We will use this insight to your advantage when building a defense against prescription drug crimes, such as those involving OxyContin and other pain killers.

We have a successful track record of helping mitigate many of the potential consequences that come with a drug charge. We will help explore your options for alternative sentencing, such as entering into a drug rehabilitation program. This can minimize the negative impact of a criminal record and help you get your life back on track.

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