Facing 9 felony counts in an alleged domestic violence case versus his Ex-wife in the middle of the “Me Too” movement, with a prosecutor who was trying to “make her career” on this case, my fiancé was facing potentially half a lifetime of incarceration. The “deal” the DA was offering was close to 10 years. We were referred to Jay by an attorney who said Jay was worth his weight in gold. That was an understatement. Jay’s sense of what was plausible led him to discover innumerable false statements made by my fiancé’s Ex several years prior. His superior knowledge of police protocol allowed him to eviscerate nearly all of law enforcement testimony, using it to his advantage and disclosing potential collusion. Jay’s unparalleled knowledge of medical matters (+ the use of medical experts) enabled him to counter the allegations of violence. And his superior knowledge of the legal process allowed him to use the rules to my fiancé’s advantage, in ways that few attorneys could. During the trial, Jay’s background and abilities earned him the immediate respect of the court, the judge and, especially, the jury, who seemed to look forward to his times to speak almost like avid music fan at their favorite concert. I believe it’s rare for the defense attorney to have far more credibility than the actual prosecutor, but Jay earned that respect each day of the trial. Perhaps what impressed me most about Jay aside from his skills was his diligence. The volume of material ended up being 3x what any of us anticipated, to the point where it was onerous. While Jay wasn’t happy about it, after having made a deal with us, he never asked for more money even though he well deserved to. In the final three weeks especially, when things got intense and the trial was underway, Jay worked day and night, preparing for each days’ opposing witness and for those he brought, discovering more and more inconsistencies in the complainant’s story and the alleged facts raised by the prosecution. At the end of the day, my fiancé was found not guilty of all the violent felony charges and was convicted of only minor charges. It was a “slap on the wrist” vs. what he could have faced. Jay Goldberg (along with our own conviction in his innocence) wouldn’t let that fate stand, despite odds which seemed insurmountable. And we will always be grateful to him.

Alita Hestia

Highly recommended! Jay went above and beyond what he was hired to do and ultimately got the results I was hoping for. Very professional ,very personable and an all around good guy. Like I told Jay after all was said and done – “I hope I won’t need legal representation in the future, but if I do, you’re my guy!” And I honestly meant it. And he was a pleasure to work with.

And I’ll say it again, “I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Jay and his firm!”

John Bari

All I can say is Goldberg & Allen, L.L.P. is the best law firm on the planet. This is my second time using them in a major case. the first case was back in 2005 I was wrongfully accused of being part of a big conspiracy case in Brooklyn and after sitting in jail 2 1/2 years they tossed it out. I searched for a Lawyer that would help me get compensated for my time spent in jail. None would take my case because it was a conspiracy case. That was into I stepped into the law firm of Goldberg & Allen, L.L.P. Jay Goldberg Fought hard for me and won and got me the compensation I was looking for. The second time, after being After being involved in a work-related motor vehicle accident back in 2014 in which I suffered a concussion that was later diagnosed as Post Concussion Syndrome. Because of the difficulty of my case is that the P.C.S is a new Disorder in the medical world it was a no brainer for me to yet again seek out the legal services of Goldberg & Allen, L.L.P. Jay Goldberg appointed Richard Hershman to my case and they fought hard for me for me and got the results I needed. As always very, very professional and very friendly. They were always available to answer my calls to help me with all my questions and concerns. After both my cases they have become more than lawyers to me they are my family. Thanks, Goldberg & Allen, L.L.P. Love you Guys!!!

Legal Issue: Criminal Law


Sirtrue Ferguson

I was visiting in New York this past July and was arrested at LaGuardia for carrying a stun gun of all things. We are allowed to carry in Florida and I forgot it was in my purse. A very honest mistake with very serious consequences. Jay K. Goldberg was referred to me by an Attorney here in Orlando. Lucky me. Jay is a true Professional. He took care of everything easily and painlessly. I did not receive a fine and the case will be dismissed and records sealed in 6 months. Jay is a very warm and friendly person. Treated me with respect and understanding ~ very comforting in such a stressful situation. I highly recommend Jay and his firm to anyone in need of a Criminal Attorney.

Legal Issue: Criminal Law


Jeanne Lengyel

Mr. Goldberg represented me with the wisdom and professionalism indicative of a well veted lawyer with exclusive knowledge of the legal system within the state of New York. Because of his expertise, knowledge, and status within the ranks of law in his arena, I was able to achieve the best possible outcome for my case possibly attainable within the confines of the limit of both state and federal legislation. There isn’t any other council I could possibly recommend higher in any capacity.

Legal Issue: Criminal Law



In a time where I was confused, hurt, violated and almost in a complete depression, Jay K. Goldberg of Goldberg & Allen, LLP came to my rescue. In 2010, I was a victim of police brutality and was wrongfully imprisoned and given a summons. With the expertise and diligence of Mr. Goldberg, not only was I able to work through this fight towards victory, I was able to reclaim all that I felt was taken from me in the rage of an angry NYPD Officer. Mr. Goldberg superseded my expectations and aided me during a time where I was ready to give up; he kept the fight going. Because of his determination to seek justice on my behalf, I was not only compensated for all of my losses but I have a new outlook on life. I am confident in where my future is going and I see only success ahead. This incident I thought had the potential to ruin my life; Mr. Goldberg reframed this to a mere “hiccup” in my road of success. I am forever grateful to Jay for all he has done for me in some of my darkest days. I may not ever be able to give back to Jay what he gave me, but I know I have never regretted my decision to make Mr. Goldberg my attorney, and I am positive I never will. Standing on the other side of that tribulation, I am strong, confident and resilient. THANK YOU!!!!!

Legal Issue: Civil Rights



Jay Goldberg is a fantastic attorney. He explained every step of the process in a way I could completely understand. The results of hiring him were better then I could have ever anticipated. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Legal Issue: Criminal Law



I highly recommend Mr. Goldberg to anybody seeking legal representation. Mr. Goldberg was professional, efficient, and thoughtful in his approach to my case. Even though a dismissal seemed unlikely, he carefully and logically dissected my situation, created a defense, and successfully argued on my behalf. Mike

Legal Issue: Criminal Law



Jay Goldberg is an excellent attorney. He is very sharp and has astute ways to analyze the situation and knows exactly who to contact to attempt to solve the situation in advance.

Legal Issue: Criminal Law



Dear Mr. Goldberg: Thanks for your efforts and expert advice on my case. I see now the value of retaining expert defense counsel when faced with difficult legal issues. I was very pleased to witness you reject the prosecutors offer to give me a criminal record and mark my life forever. It was gratifying to see the faces of the prosecutor when you pointed out to the judge their oversight of such a simple thing as a date on a calendar. It was a further pleasure to watch the judge as he said the words: CASE DISMISSED And the court officer look at me in the eye and say, YOU ARE FREE TO GO

Legal Issue: Criminal Law



I was facing a very tough trial on felony firearms possession in NYC with a potential 3 1/2 to 14 year prison sentence. The NY County DA’s office was firm on wanting a felony conviction. Jay Goldberg was successful in getting me a 4th degree misdemeanor plea with no jail, no probation, no fine and 5 days of community service in my home state. Over the 9 month period we intensely worked this case, I consistently experienced timely outstanding support from Jay and his firm. His efforts and superb strategy were key in reaching the successful result. Realistically, I could not have been more pleased with Jay’s support or the outcome of this very serious situation. His strategy, attention to detail, legal insight and his vast negotiating experience culminated in a total success for which I will be forever in his debt. I now have my life back!



Dear Jerry,

I would like to say that L. and I speak of you and Jay often. I am convinced you saved my life. That DA investigation was the most stressful time of my life and you and Jay were truly amazing. I feel so blessed to have had you and Jay working for me. Please know that when it comes to any criminal matter I would never refer a client to anyone else but you and Jay.

Dear Mr Goldberg

Thanks for your efforts and expert advice on my case.

I see now the value of retaining expert defense counsel when faced with difficult legal issues.

It was interesting to see the faces of the prosecutor on their oversight of such a simple thing as a date on a calendar.
I was very pleased to witness your response to their offer to give me a criminal record and mark my life forever.

Then It was a further rush to watch the judge as he said the words:


And the court officer look at me in the eye and say “YOU ARE FREE TO GO”

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