New York City Mail Fraud Lawyer

subpic2Although the term “mail fraud” may immediately suggest a scam to sell a falsely advertised product or service through the mail, this charge can be leveled under a very wide range of circumstances. Federal statutes covering mail fraud and wire fraud are often employed as “catch-all” laws for prosecution of various illegal business and financial activities.

We urge you to call us now if you have been indicted for mail fraud, wire fraud or another white collar crime — or if you have been contacted as part of any government investigation into criminal activity. What you say and do early on in your case could make all the difference for your future, and our New York City mail fraud attorneys are here to offer counsel and advocacy every step of the way.

Cutting Through the Complexity of Criminal Charges or Allegations

Mail fraud charges against you could be based on evidence that the U.S. mail was used to further any criminal “scheme” or conduct — such as health care fraud, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, for example.

It is important to recognize that mail use may seem extremely peripheral or incidental to these other activities, but it may be easier for the authorities to prove and secure a conviction. It is also frequently “tacked on” to an indictment as one of many charges with the intent of securing a guilty plea on one or several. Wire fraud is covered by a separate statute that may be applied just as broadly when phone lines or other means of communication have been used.

Serious Felony Charges Calling for Proven Federal Trial Lawyers

Most mail fraud and wire fraud cases are prosecuted in federal court, where specific rules of procedure apply, conviction rates are high and sentencing guidelines are strict. Your defense lawyer’s experience in this arena is an essential consideration.

Our partner attorneys, Jay K. Goldberg and Gerald Allen, have extensive experience dealing with complex financial crime investigations, grand jury proceedings and trials in federal court. We worked these cases as prosecutors for many years, and today we offer determined, comprehensive defense.

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