Challenging DNA Evidence

subpic1Because of advances in technology, the ability to recover and analyze DNA evidence is much more sophisticated and accurate than it was just ten years ago. And while both the media and the prosecution want you to believe that such evidence is infallible, we know that there are many other factors a judge or jury must consider before pronouncing judgment.

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Challenging DNA Evidence And Procedure

The presence of your DNA at the crime scene does not mean you are guilty of the alleged crime. We know that despite its advances, DNA evidence may not necessarily be the most reliable source for determining how a particular crime was committed. Consider that:

  • The use of DNA evidence in criminal trials is relatively new. Because the methodology of gathering and analyzing data is still undergoing development, there are many opportunities for error.
  • The statistical analysis of DNA is based more on mathematical formula and probability than on specific results. Moreover, the database used for comparison is fairly small and not as diverse as it could be.
  • All forensic laboratories are subject to strict procedural guidelines. Any procedural missteps or evidence of falsified reporting could result in a dismissal of the case or acquittal of the charges.

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