Knowledgeable, Skilled Representation by Former High-Level Prosecutors

The criminal defense and civil rights attorneys at our firm have been practicing law for more than 60 years combined. We both reached the level of First Deputy Bureau Chief in the Kings County District Attorney’s office, with authority over many aspects of policy, procedure and training. Many of the assistant district attorneys we trained in the 1980s and 1990s have gone on to prominent positions as prosecutors, judges and defense lawyers. Attorney Jay K. Goldberg served as a Deputy Chief in the Kings County Trial Bureau, Grand Jury Bureau, and Domestic Violence Bureau, and then as First Deputy Bureau Chief in the Major Narcotics Investigations Bureau. He has lectured at the New York City Police Academy on subjects including search warrants and trial preparation, and educated local, state and federal police on trial techniques for drug crime cases and other matters.

Mr. Goldberg has successfully defended our clients against criminal allegations involving drugs, weapons, sex offenses and violent crimes — and also aggressively taken action for victims of false arrest and police brutality.

Attorney Gerald Allen served as First Deputy Bureau Chief of the Kings County D.A.’s Criminal Court Bureau from 1994-96. As a high-level decision maker essentially running the operations of this bureau, he trained and supervised scores of prosecutors. He has lectured at the police academy and various bar associations on New York DWI issues.

Since entering into private criminal defense practice, Mr. Allen has built a reputation as one of New York’s most formidable DWI/DUI defense attorneys and a versatile criminal trial lawyer adept at handling the most serious and complex charges.

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