New York City Aggravated Harassment Lawyer

subpic4New York criminal laws covering harassment and aggravated harassment charges leave plenty of room for interpretation. Not all cases involve any physical contact whatsoever, and more and more they involve phone calls, text messaging, taking pictures or other non-violent actions.

Whatever the incident or relationship that led to this charge for you, however, one thing is certain: You now risk all the consequences of conviction for a Class A misdemeanor (aggravated harassment in the second degree) or even a felony (first degree).

Do You Need Serious, Determined Protection of Your Record and Future?

What could a criminal conviction mean for you? Loss of your professional license, security clearance or job? Future opportunities at college for your child? We encourage anyone charged with aggravated harassment, anywhere in the five boroughs, to get experienced legal counsel. Too often, people underestimate the penalties and long-term impact that can come with a harassment conviction.

A New York City aggravated harassment attorney at our firm will hear you out and take you seriously, recognizing that allegations against you may be wrong or that if you did break the law, you didn’t realize it. Anyone can be accused of improper touching in the subway, for example, and almost anyone who pursues communication after a breakup might be accused of stalking.

Investigating All Circumstances to Build Your Defense

Even if you are certain the charge against you is unjustified — and that you had no criminal intent — it is important to consider all potential outcomes. Our violent crimes defense lawyers will get to the heart of your case and build the best possible defense, based on your most important goals and our analysis of your risks and legal options.

We are ready to challenge any aspect of the case against you and negotiate aggressively or go to trial to clear you of allegations such as stalking, a hate crime or other acts charged as aggravated harassment. For the serious criminal defense representation you need now, please contact us at Goldberg & Allen, LLP, in midtown Manhattan.