New York Underage Drinking Lawyer

subpic6Young people make mistakes. When those mistakes involve drinking and driving anywhere in New York State, even with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) well below .08, consequences can be far more severe than many people realize. For knowledgeable, determined defense of your rights and your future after an underage drinking-and-driving arrest, contact us now at Goldberg & Allen, LLP.

Under laws now commonly described as the harshest in the nation, underage drivers charged with DWI face the same penalties as adult drivers. In addition, our state’s “zero tolerance” laws stipulate a driver’s license suspension or revocation for anyone under 21 who is found guilty of driving with a BAC of .02 percent to .07 percent — and a misdemeanor DWAI charge may also be filed.

Former Prosecutors Who See All the Angles and Know What Works

Who better to determine the best approach for you than a dedicated defense lawyer who spent over a decade as a high-level prosecutor, training police in DWI arrest procedures? We know in-depth what makes or breaks a case, and we will be straight with you about likely consequences and available defense strategies.

Our attorneys have extensive experience defending young people against charges that can restrict their futures and limit their prospects. We have earned acquittals, dismissals and other favorable outcomes in DWI, aggravated DWI, felony DWI and “zero tolerance” cases. We stay apprised of current laws, available programs and sentencing patterns in courts throughout the New York City metro.

A Serious, Thorough Approach to Every Case We Handle

We understand what a criminal record can mean for a high school or college student, and how challenging a driver’s license suspension can make life for a young person and his or her family. For each client we serve, we look for viable grounds to fight the charge or achieve minimized consequences.

Whether you are seeking the best possible defense of your own interests or acting on behalf of your teenage child, you will be best served by a New York underage drinking attorney prepared to thoroughly investigate your case and target the best possible outcome. Please contact us now for a free initial consultation.