New York City Business Fraud Lawyer

subpic2Under New York law, a charge of falsifying business records may be either a Class A misdemeanor or a class E felony, depending on whether you are accused of attempting to conceal or commit another crime. Jail time and other severe consequences are possible in either case — and we recognize that you may simultaneously face other serious charges such as grand larceny, forgery or enterprise corruption.

As former high-level prosecutors, we have extensive insight into white collar criminal laws and how government investigations are conducted — including what can go wrong and open up viable lines of legal defense. For aggressive defense of your rights and future when charged with falsifying business records or similar crimes, contact us now at Goldberg & Allen, LLP.

Accused of Altering Financial Records or Submitting Fraudulent Forms?

We are familiar with the broad range of circumstances that may pertain to your case arising from alleged acts such as:

  • Submitting altered or inaccurate insurance claims or Medicare documents to get improper payments
  • Altering financial records for your own or your employer’s business with intent to profit — whether by entering false information, deleting information or changing it
  • Providing false information on an application for health insurance, government assistance programs or other benefits

Evaluating All Viable Defense Arguments and Strategies for You

Our experienced New York City business fraud attorneys are prepared to carefully evaluate every aspect of your case and all evidence against you. We will look for opportunities to pursue dismissal, reduced charges, or success at trial based on factors such as:

  • Your lack of knowledge that what you were doing was illegal, often due to a misunderstanding of relevant forms, procedures or terms
  • Your carrying out of instructions by an employer or superior without intent to gain or profit yourself
  • Improperly obtained evidence of your wrongdoing

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