New York City Harassment Defense Attorney

subpic4Have you been charged with an offense such as harassment, aggravated harassment, or aggravated disorderly conduct in the NYC metro area? Do your concerns include keeping your record clean and avoiding harsh penalties, protecting your freedom and livelihood? Please take this charge seriously and get experienced legal counsel.

Are You Determined to Avoid a Guilty Plea and Criminal Record?

Although most harassment charges can be dealt with effectively, a quick plea may not be the answer in your harassment case — especially if you will undergo future background checks for employment or any other reason. Our high-level, comprehensive criminal defense services may be the answer for your case of:

  • Aggravated harassment — which can be a felony charge, primarily in cases involving alleged hate crimes and discrimination
  • Harassment at the misdemeanor level, whether involving some level of physical assault, threats, phone calls, text messages, or allegations of stalking
  • Any other level of harassment if your public profile and reputation are extremely important to you and avoiding a criminal record is a top priority

Complete Investigation and Representation by Former High-Level Prosecutors

Our violent crimes lawyers know from deep experience in the justice system that harassment charges are filed for a vast range of conduct — and that some charges are justified while others can be overcome entirely through solid legal representation. We want to hear your story and help protect your future. If we can take care of the matter efficiently and achieve your critical goals, we will; if it takes a trial, we will be ready.

As necessary, we can adeptly cast doubt on witness testimony, attack unlawful conduct during your arrest, or show other evidence to help you avoid conviction or receive reasonable consequences.

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Our New York City harassment defense attorneys will provide honest counsel and a thorough effort to spell out your legal options. Having prosecuted a vast range of criminal cases and reached positions of authority in Kings County in the past, we know how cases are built and when they are weak. In negotiations or at trial, you will be represented with drive and integrity.