Taser Injury Attorneys in New York City

subpic3A taser gun delivers approximately 50,000 volts of electricity to the body. This is enough to bring a very large man to the ground with just one shot. When a person is hit with several jolts, or hit with just one jolt in the wrong spot, serious injury and death can occur. Goldberg & Allen, LLP, can determine if the law enforcement official used excessive force when using a stun gun and help you explore your options in a civil suit.

As knowledgeable stun gun and police abuse attorneys in NYC, we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients in stun gun and other types of cases. If you were seriously injured by excessive use of a taser, or if your loved one was killed, contact us at Goldberg & Allen, LLP. We can discuss your potential claim without risk or cost to you.

Taser Injuries Can Be Severe, Life-Threatening and Life-Ending

With more than 50 years of collective experience, our taser injury lawyers in New York City have represented many clients over the years. We have seen the serious injuries that can occur and the ways in which people can be killed due to excessive use of force with a taser.

Please talk to us if you are concerned about injuries that include:

  • Burns
  • Electrical burns
  • Fractures
  • Head and brain injuries
  • Injuries that resulted in death

We look closely at the use of the taser and if that use was justified or excessive. Additionally, we can determine if the officer who used the gun was properly trained on it. Law enforcement should know that one jolt of a taser is enough to gain control of the individual. Any more than that, and serious injury or death could occur.

A taser gun can be just as deadly as a firearm. This needs to be recognized, and the officers who use the guns improperly or excessively need to be held accountable.

Contact an NYC Lawyer Knowledgeable About Stun Gun Injuries and Police Abuse

At Goldberg & Allen, LLP, our police brutality attorneys take a special, determined interest in civil actions that promote fairness and quality law enforcement in our city. If you or a loved one sustained a taser injury or was killed by a taser, please call us at 212-766-3366. You can also contact us online to schedule your free case review.