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subpic5As perhaps the most popular club drug in New York City, Ecstasy — also known as “X,” “XTC,” “Thizz” and other names — is a designer drug most often associated with dance clubs, raves and other forms of entertainment. However, as a methamphetamine, being caught possessing, distributing or manufacturing Ecstasy carries severe penalties under New York state and U.S. federal laws.

If you have been arrested for Ecstasy possession or distribution, contact us at Goldberg & Allen for assertive and responsive criminal defense. Our New York Ecstasy attorneys have handled hundreds of drug cases, both as former high-level prosecutors as well as dedicated criminal defense lawyers. We provide the knowledgeable and in-depth representation you need to protect your rights and future.

Proven Trial Experience Against State and Federal Ecstasy Charges

Like crystal meth, cocaine and other controlled substances, Ecstasy or methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) minimizes social inhibitions and gives users a sense of empowerment, hence its popularity at parties. While we understand that many see Ecstasy as a way to have a good time, our courts consider it a threat to civil society, in part because of its connection to organized crime and negative health effects.

We have proven trial experience in both state and federal court defending those caught possessing or using Ecstasy and other drugs. We have often obtained favorable case results by challenging unauthorized searches and securing the suppression evidence obtained through illegal search and seizure.

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The federal government only prosecutes when it believes it has sufficient evidence against you, so it is crucial to consult an attorney with extensive experience handling federal charges. We have obtained successful verdicts and settlements at both the state and federal court levels, and we are well-respected by judges and opposing counsel for our direct approach and dedicated advocacy.

Even simple possession of Ecstasy has serious consequences both for your immediate situation and your future. Do not wait to contact us for a free consultation to discuss your rights and legal options.