New York City Fraud and Embezzlement Defense Attorneys

subpic2Have you been served a subpoena or contacted by authorities as part of an investigation into your business or financial activities? Do you foresee any possibility that you could be implicated or charged with a “white collar” crime such as forgery, fraud or embezzlement? The time to get skilled counsel and representation is right now.

We can help at any stage — including after your arrest — but you will certainly want an experienced white collar crime lawyer on your side, to protect your rights and future, as early in this process as possible.

Both attorneys at our respected New York City firm, Jay K. Goldberg and Gerald Allen, have extensive experience dealing with grand jury proceedings, complex investigations, and trials and appeals in federal court. We have worked on these cases from both the prosecution and defense perspective.

Arrested or Under Investigation? Get Help Making Pivotal Decisions.

Whether you are being pursued by the District Attorney, Attorney General or a federal agency, we are prepared to help you make sound decisions on key issues such as:

  • Whether to cooperate with police or agents or refuse to do so
  • How to handle requests for documents and testimony

Depending on your exact circumstances and what we can learn through rigorous investigation, we may see an opportunity to help you avoid criminal prosecution altogether. If your exposure is clear and evidence against you is strong, we are proven negotiators who will work hard to minimize charges and consequences.

Embezzlement | Forgery | Internet Crimes | All Forms of Fraud

We are financially savvy lawyers who know the law and potential consequences well. Even the most basic decisions and actions must be well thought-out if you are accused or being investigated for activity such as:

  • Embezzlement or other misuse of company or government funds
  • Forgery of financial documents
  • Mail fraud or wire fraud — often used as “catch-all” charges for various financial/economic crimes
  • Accepting illegal payments
  • Internet crimes such as identify theft or participation in an online scam
  • Mortgage fraud, health care fraud, or contract fraud

Whatever your position and status — executive or secretary, contractor or government employee — we will take a discreet, active and determined approach to your defense. For the high-end legal guidance and representation you need to protect your future, please contact our New York City fraud and embezzlement defense lawyers for a free initial consultation. Call 212-766-3366.