New York Lawyer For Check And Credit Card Fraud

subpic4Have you been arrested for stealing checks, “faking” a check or similar acts involving a credit card? Have the authorities contacted you about your own or someone else’s activities involving check forgery or other financial crimes?

Wherever you are in the New York City metro, you can contact us at Goldberg & Allen for sound legal counsel and high-level, attentive criminal defense. We are two criminal defense attorneys who both served as high-level prosecutors before founding our firm in 1996. You can trust our experience, commitment to our clients and focus on results.

Facing Credit Card Fraud Charges or Other Theft Allegations?

Any allegations involving the fraudulent use of financial instruments for profit are likely to be serious. Depending on specific circumstances, you may find yourself facing major penalties for felony offenses such as enterprise corruption or various forms of fraud. It can be a shock to see an array of charges leveled against you — all part of the government’s formidable effort to obtain a conviction.

To protect your future, you need to turn to a New York City credit card fraud attorney who will take your case seriously and explore all legal options. Our attorneys’ extensive experience in plea negotiations and trials in state and federal court equips us to help you make the best available decisions at this pivotal time in your life.

Experienced Felony Financial Crime Defense Lawyers

We are prepared to thoroughly evaluate your specific situation involving allegations of:

  • Making or selling fake or forged credit cards, which may lead to serious felony charges such as enterprise corruption if authorities believe you were part of an organized conspiracy
  • Using a credit card fraudulently in any way for financial gain — leading to arrest for a charge or multiple charges is more serious than shoplifting or petit larceny
  • Financial crimes involving credit card numbers and the Internet, leading to identity theft or similar charges

Guiding You Through Complex Legal Decisions and Actions

If you have been accused of check fraud, credit card fraud, credit card forgery or another serious theft offense, you have reason to be concerned about your freedom, your criminal record and your future. First, you need to fully understand the charge against you and the likely consequences. Then you will need legal guidance to determine whether to fight, attempt to bargain or plead.

Whichever path you choose, we believe you will want experience like ours on your side. Contact us today for knowledgeable, focused legal counsel. Call 212-766-3366.