New York City Weapons Charge Attorney

Our Firearm Possession Lawyers Are On Your Side

subpic5People are charged with some form of illegal gun possession or other weapons charge every day throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. If you have been arrested or given a summons and want proven representation to fight for your rights and avoid conviction — or guard against the most severe consequences, contact us now at Goldberg & Allen, LLP.

Was Your Arrest Lawful, and What Are Your Options Now?

As a defendant with a lot on the line, it may seem that the police overstepped or overreacted when they arrested you with a utility knife, pocket knife, box cutter or even a handgun. In some cases, they do — and our experience as high-level prosecutors gives us extensive real-world insight into how to prove a search and seizure was illegal or your rights were otherwise violated.

Dedicated Defense Against Summons-Level Violations, Misdemeanors and Felony Gun Charges

New York state gun laws are strict and complex, and within NYC, the city Administrative Code adds more violations and restrictions. We know these laws and viable defense strategies extremely well, and a New York City weapons charge lawyer at our firm can spell out likely consequences and legal options for any crime or summons including:

  • Criminal possession of weapons such as knives with blades longer than four inches, stun guns and brass knuckles — or more serious felony charges for illegally possessing an automatic weapon, for example
  • Any violent crime charge involving assault with a weapon
  • Illegal firearm sales or gun trafficking, which may be a federal charge

Many unsuspecting people unknowingly bring illegal items into New York City, only to be arrested for carrying a hunting knife, mace or pepper spray, an air pistol, ammunition, a handgun or some other item. Local, experienced legal counsel is essential if you were arrested in our metro area.

Don’t Plead or Give Up Without Trustworthy Legal Guidance

A conviction on a weapons charge can have serious long-term consequences, and it is essential to understand what a guilty plea might mean for you before accepting the outcome without a fight.

Whether we are the right attorneys for you may depend on how important it is to keep your record clean or work toward consequences you can live with. To discuss the circumstances of your case and your important goals, contact us today and request a consultation.