New York City Homicide Defense Lawyer

subpic4If you have been charged with homicide, manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter or any comparable charge, you probably do not need anyone to tell you that your future is on the line. What you must have is the most resourceful, effective legal counsel and representation you can find.

Whatever the exact charge against you — from assault with a weapon to attempted murder, manslaughter or first-degree murder — this is no time to try to save money or accept representation by anyone but a proven New York City homicide defense attorney. At Goldberg & Allen, LLP, we have tried numerous major violent felony cases, winning acquittals and other positive outcomes such as:

  • A not-guilty verdict for a Brooklyn man charged with causing the death of his infant child
  • A not-guilty verdict for a Brooklyn man charged with the murders of a woman and her two young children
  • Successful defeat of a murder charge against a young woman accused of killing her newborn, resulting in a conviction of a lower-level offense and a sentence of probation

In-Depth Knowledge of the Law, Your Rights and Viable Defense Strategies

We are committed to thorough investigation of your case to uncover all evidence in your favor and build the best possible defense. No issue that can arise in a murder case is beyond the scope of our experience and resources, including matters of:

  • False and coerced confessions
  • Improper searches and seizures or other unlawful police conduct during your investigation and arrest
  • Your rights and protections under the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution
  • Your actions in self defense or on behalf of someone you were trying to protect
  • DNA evidence, witness accounts and other evidence against you that must be challenged effectively to prove your innocence or improve your standing in any plea bargaining effort

Skilled Negotiators and Veteran, Successful Trial Lawyers

If your case ultimately calls for a trial attorney with a track record of success in state and federal court, you will be in good hands with our firm.

With backgrounds including work as First Deputy Bureau Chiefs overseeing other prosecutors in Brooklyn, our defense lawyers cannot be intimidated by juries, tough opponents or the most difficult cases. Contact us today to give yourself a fighting chance to overcome this critical challenge in your life.