New York City Theft Defense Lawyers

subpic4Robbery, burglary, larceny and other forms of theft can be challenging to investigate and prosecute. As two former high-ranking officials in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office — now dedicated to defending New Yorkers against criminal charges — we know firsthand that police do not always follow proper procedures in gathering evidence and testimony.

If you have been accused of any theft-related offense in the five boroughs, we offer the knowledge and diligence that may be required to challenge and overcome the prosecution’s case against you. For a free consultation on your situation and legal options, please contact our New York City theft defense attorneys today.

Rigorous Investigation, Total Preparation And Strong Defense At Trial

While the possession of stolen property may not be the only evidence needed to convict someone of a property crime, the potential consequences of a theft conviction — from shoplifting to armed robbery or burglary — are enough to warrant a strong, strategic criminal defense. Our attorneys take a thorough, detail-conscious approach to protecting your rights, including:

  • Careful review of all police reports in an effort to find procedural illegalities or missteps
  • Examination of all forms of evidence against you, including fingerprints, DNA, video surveillance footage — and calling on expert witnesses if necessary to show their unreliability
  • Adept cross-examination of police and eye witnesses in order to expose potential issues such as mistaken identity

Attorney Jay K. Goldberg successfully obtained not-guilty verdicts for two separate clients, one in the Bronx accused of burglary/robbery and another in Brooklyn accused of burglary — despite the introduction of video evidence purportedly showing the clients committing the alleged crimes. These are two of many of Goldberg & Allen’s case successes.

Call An Experienced Robbery And Burglary Attorney Today

Avoiding conviction on a theft, robbery, burglary or larceny charge may be absolutely critical to keeping your freedom or a loved one’s prospects for the future. The complexity of these cases makes it extremely difficult for an inexperienced or overburdened lawyer to build a successful defense.

Jay K. Goldberg and Gerald Allen understand the law, the science involved with modern evidence and the best ways of uncovering any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. To put a dedicated, responsive legal team to work for you, contact us now for a free consultation.