New York City Cocaine Charge Attorney

subpic5The furor over cocaine and crack use of past decades has passed to some extent, but even simple possession of any amount remains a crime — not a summons or ticket. Potential for jail time and other serious consequences increase rapidly according to quantity, and you are likely facing a felony charge if police believe you were involved in any cocaine sale or trafficking.

Whether you are concerned about a prison sentence or simply protecting your criminal record, you can turn to a proven New York City cocaine charge defense lawyer at our firm. We have handled hundreds of drug cases from both sides of the legal system, and our background as high-level prosecutors gives us unique perspective on how to build the best possible defense case.

Building Your Case For Trial or Negotiating Manageable Consequences

Attorney Jay K. Goldberg is a former First Deputy Bureau Chief of the Kings County Major Narcotics Investigations Bureau. Since 1996, he has built an impressive list of drug case successes, defending clients against charges from marijuana and cocaine possession to illegal drug trafficking with skill and dedication. Our attorneys’ proven abilities extend to:

  • Successfully challenging illegal searches and earning case dismissals
  • Taking your case all the way through trial if necessary to protect your rights and obtain the best possible outcome
  • Helping our clients take advantage of any alternative sentencing options that keep them free and, in some circumstances, allow them to get needed help with a drug problem and move forward in life

Free Consultation with an Experienced Cocaine Charge Defense Lawyer

If you were busted with a small amount of cocaine, your biggest concern may be avoiding a conviction that will damage your life and limit your prospects. If you are facing cocaine sale, distribution or trafficking charges, you need the most qualified legal counsel you can find on your side.

In either case, we want to help. Contact us at Goldberg & Allen to speak with an attorney who will prioritize helping you make sound decisions and take productive action at this critical time in your life.