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subpic6New York has the right to seize assets used as an “instrumentality of a crime.” At one time, this law was primarily used to seize assets of drug dealers and other individuals engaged in criminal enterprises. The government, with the permission of the courts, has expanded the scope of this law. Now, the government has the right to seize automobiles involved in suspected DWI.

Auto seizure and forfeiture after a DWI charge is now a commonplace event in New York City. Although this is not a criminal penalty, auto seizure may well be the worst aspect of a DWI arrest. It may be the most significant financial penalty as well. Although the fines, fees and surcharges associated with a DWI conviction are severe, they pale in comparison to the loss of an automobile.

If your car has been seized, you need a lawyer with a comprehensive understanding of the procedures and potential defenses. You need a lawyer with a demonstrated record of success taking on these cases. The attorneys of Goldberg & Allen understand what is necessary to achieve results in auto forfeiture hearings.

Helping People Get Their Vehicles Back

Our law firm has significant experience defending individuals in auto forfeiture proceedings. Jay Goldberg successfully contested an auto seizure in a hearing against the New York City government. By demonstrating that law enforcement officers did not follow proper procedures, he was able to secure the return of his client’s vehicle.

Further, there may be other defenses to the seizure. If someone else drove your vehicle while under the influence and you can prove you did not have knowledge that your vehicle was used to commit a crime, your vehicle should be returned.

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