New York City Search and Seizure Violation Lawyer

subpic5If you have been arrested on a drug charge or certain weapons charges, it is essential to have a defense lawyer consider whether issues of illegal search and seizure may matter in your case. If you were victimized in an illegal search, it would be difficult to find more qualified representation than that offered by our lawyers at Goldberg & Allen, LLP.

A “quick plea; quick fee” attorney may not even look into the legality of the search in your case. We do not consider that just service to a client. What we offer is the full benefit of skills we built as high-level prosecutors in Kings County and have continued to refine as respected drug crime defense lawyers since 1996.

Genuine Defenders of Individual Rights and Protections

We support the individual rights granted to all citizens by our constitution and its amendments. And we are adept at defending them, as when your 4th Amendment protections are violated by police or government agents. Our track record of negotiating and trial success extends to federal court work and numerous case dismissals on matters of law.

Our firm is led by two formidable defense lawyers with the training and success rate to support our solid reputation. We approach our cases with drive and integrity, and this includes determination to expose and exploit any legal problem with the prosecution’s case.

Equipped to Handle Your Challenging Gun or Weapons Case

A truly experienced New York City search & seizure violation attorney may be a rare breed, but our lawyers can readily claim that distinction. If you want determined protection of your rights from a top-tier defense firm, please contact us today. We will provide a free consultation to explore issues in your case.