New York City Drug Possession Lawyer

subpic5In some respects, we are living in a new era for people facing drug possession charges in New York. Mandatory sentencing is less of a factor, and some quantitative amounts have been adjusted. First-time offenders are, generally speaking, allowed greater latitude to avoid prison and other harsh consequences.

But the ultimate facts remain: you could face jail time, heavy fines, mandatory rehabilitation, probation — and a drug conviction on your criminal record. This is all true whether the substance involved was marijuana, cocaine, prescription painkillers or a drug considered even more serious such as methamphetamine. Facing your situation without an experienced New York City drug possession attorney on your side could be a mistake you seriously regret. Contact us now at Goldberg & Allen, LLP, to eliminate that risk.

Prepared to Fight the Charge or Negotiate Consequences in Your Case

As former high-level prosecutors in Kings County, we have historical perspective to inform our knowledge of the new laws. We have gone to trial and earned drug crime acquittals or dismissals on numerous occasions throughout the metro — including federal cases of drug sales or trafficking, leveraging our:

  • Extensive knowledge of search and seizure law
  • Top-quality investigative resources
  • In-depth experience with common issues in drug cases, from coerced confessions and planted evidence to unreliable informant testimony

Equally important, we can confidently pursue any available alternative sentencing options — even for some repeat offenders. You can count on us for insight into all plea bargaining and sentencing options available to you, and for honest, practical counsel through every phase of your New York City drug possession case.

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We are not “quick plea” lawyers, and we will never advertise low-rate representation. Our strengths are negotiation and litigation for people with a lot on the line. If that describes you and your drug case, please call or email our firm now.