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Victimized by False Arrest or Other Police Misconduct in NYC?

subpic3Our respected, Manhattan-based law firm is a strong, proven resource for people harmed by false arrest in New York City. We have taken effective action in situations involving false arrest and other types of police misconduct by filing lawsuits against the City, law enforcement and local and federal prosecutors.

We have successfully represented clients who were falsely accused by the police and arrested for minor and serious criminal charges (e.g., cases involving falsely manufactured evidence in a drug or gun arrest, or wrongfully charged with murder). Because we often see the legal wrong where others do not, we have successfully represented clients throughout the five boroughs who have been turned away by other attorneys. Contact us to discuss your potential claim, without risk or cost to you.

Experienced Attorneys for Action Against Police Misconduct

Few lawyers in New York City have devoted more attention or had greater successes filing civil actions for police brutality and false arrest in recent years. Our efforts in this challenging legal area have included:

  • Obtaining a $650,000 settlement in the Bronx for police assault on person being arrested for minor drug offense.
  • Obtaining a $360,000 settlement for a retired U.S. Customs agent assaulted by officers in a private residence
  • Obtaining significant settlements for persons injured during the arrest process

For more examples, please review our other case results.

Our attorneys are both former criminal prosecutors and First Deputy Bureau Chiefs who worked in the Brooklyn D.A.’s office for many years. They have extensive knowledge of law enforcement procedures, including familiarity with all aspects of the current police patrol guide. They know what the authorities can and cannot legally do in their efforts to enforce our laws.

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We take the violation of Constitutional and civil rights, and the harm done to victims like you seriously. When you work with our firm, you can depend on being treated with respect and absolute discretion by a skilled lawyer who cares.

Please talk to us today if you or a family member has concerns regarding:

  • Police misconduct
  • Excessive use of force
  • Injuries due to handcuff and arrest process
  • Taser and stun gun injuries
  • Street encounters with police involving ID requests and searches

Honest, Thorough Evaluation of Your Case

Valid police misconduct and brutality cases can arise from a wide range of circumstances. We know the legal and procedural limits — and we can gauge when greater than necessary force has been a factor. Our experience as Police Academy lecturers on subjects including search and seizure and trial preparation can be invaluable for evaluating and investigating what happened to you — and helping you determine whether taking legal action could be worth it for you.

It is sheer reality that some officers frequently cross the line to cause pain or “teach a lesson,” especially if a suspect offers any type of resistance. We also know that the use of greater than necessary force sometimes involves racial bias or other types of discrimination.

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If you or a family member has been beaten or otherwise victimized by police officers who you believe used excessive force, please contact us at Goldberg & Allen, LLP. We will take a hard, honest look at your potential claim from a knowledgeable, experienced perspective.

We are effective criminal defense trial lawyers who also take a special, determined interest in civil actions that promote fairness and quality law enforcement in our city