New York City Sex Crime Defense Lawyers

subpic1At Goldberg & Allen, LLP, our seasoned attorneys are accustomed to cases where the stakes are high and the evidence is complex. Rape and other sex offense allegations almost always qualify on both counts.

We bring more than 60 years of combined experience to the table — including firsthand insight into how New York City prosecutors handle these cases, as both of our attorneys are former First Deputy Bureau Chiefs and New York City criminal prosecutors. If you or someone you know has been accused of rape or sexual misconduct, contact us for a personal and discreet consultation on your defense.

Dedicated Defense Against All Types Of Sex Charges

Our Manhattan criminal defense attorneys are well equipped to assess and deal with all aspects of your case, whether the allegations and charges involve:

  • Rape of either a stranger or an acquaintance, including statutory rape, date rape or various levels of sexual assault
  • Sex crimes involving the Internet, including child pornography or online solicitation of a minor
  • Sexual abuse, aggravated sexual abuse or other charges related to unlawful touching or sexual contact
  • Unlawful surveillance claims, including those involving the videotaping of minors
  • Sexual abuse charges brought by an employee against you as a supervisor or other authority figure
  • Sexual abuse charges brought by a family member or a minor

Effectively Addressing Physical Evidence, Identity, Consent And More

With your freedom and reputation on the line, it is essential to work with a lawyer who understands how to prepare the strongest possible defense to these allegations. At Goldberg & Allen, LLP, both of our lawyers provide the unique skills needed to develop a robust defense on your behalf, including:

  • A thorough understanding of DNA and other scientific evidence, resulting in the ability to cross-examine experts and raise serious questions of reliability
  • Comprehensive knowledge of police procedures and tactics that may lead to inadmissible evidence and confessions
  • Rigorous investigation necessary to raise the possibility of mistaken identity, conclusions drawn under the influence of severe trauma and other factors
  • Adept witness examination revealing inconsistencies and flaws in accounts essential to the prosecution’s case

Our experience also extends to civil litigation — we will, if requested, work with other attorneys in an effort to minimize your exposure to civil lawsuits beyond the criminal case. Our longstanding presence in New York City provides access to many top experts who may be essential to your defense.

Contact Attorneys Providing Skilled Child Abuse Defense

If you are facing allegations of child abuse, molestation or another sex offense, we are prepared to launch an all-out effort to defend your freedom and your future. To speak with either of our experienced New York City sex crime attorneys, please contact us at 212-766-3366 to schedule a free initial consultation and case review.