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Criminal Lawyer in New York City Gives 2 Reasons to Register as a Sex Offender If Ordered by the Courts

Both federal and state laws require sex offenders to list themselves on the Sex Offender Registry. The public can browse the Registry at will, using a simple Internet connection to find addresses, vehicles, photographs and physical descriptions of everyone listed. Because of this, many convicted sex offenders choose not to register in order to avoid public shame.

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However, those who fail to register face severe penalties. The same applies to those who provide false details to law enforcement or refuse to verify their information.

If you have been charged with a sex offense or a violation related to the Sex Offender Registry, then a New York City criminal attorney from Goldberg & Allen, L.L.P. may be able to help. Call us today at 212-766-3366 to start planning your defense.

In the meantime, read on to learn why convicted sex offenders should register on the Sex Offender Registry:

  1. Failure to comply carries severe penalties.

New York legislature has a very long list of sex offenses that require compulsory registration. Placement on the list is not negotiable for those who have been convicted of these crimes. The “offense list” varies widely and includes a range of A-1 felonies, such as kidnapping in the first degree, and Class B misdemeanors, such as sexual abuse in the third degree.

The Sex Offender Registration Act explains that convicted sex offenders have to register for a certain period. Those classified as Level 1, or low risk, have to register for a minimum of 20 years if there are no exceptions. Those considered the highest risk, or Level 3, have to register for the rest of their lives. However, failing to register will attract worse penalties, regardless of your risk classification.

If this is your first conviction for a sex offense and you fail to register, then you automatically commit a Class E felony. This can put you behind bars for four years. If it is your second or subsequent conviction, the penalties for a Class D felony may put you behind bars for seven years.

  1. Not registering will influence your probation or parole.

While the felony penalties are devastating enough, you have more to worry about if you do not register. In order to qualify for probation or parole, you have to comply with stringent terms and requirements, such as avoiding further arrests, drugs or violent confrontations. Any violation of the Sex Offender Registration Act will negatively affect your parole and probation.

There are special requirements for sex offenders on parole. For example, they may not frequent any area where children younger than 18 hang out, such as playgrounds and schools, unless their parole officers expressly permit this. Furthermore, sex offenders may not dispense goods from, work for or operate any ice cream trucks or facilities.

If you break these rules without authorization, then you are violating the terms of your parole. If found guilty, the court could order a revocation of your parole. This also applies to those on probation. The same consequences await those who fail to register. If you do not comply, then the court may revoke your parole or probation and order an extended prison stay.

Your entire future is at risk when charged with a sex crime. A criminal lawyer can protect your rights and help you build a strategic defense. Call 212-766-3366 for information about the consequences of not registering as a sex offender. Goldberg & Allen, L.L.P. can explain how the Sex Offender Registration Act applies to your specific circumstances.




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