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6 Common Causes of Wrongful Convictions – New York City False Arrest Lawyer Investigates

Far too many people sit in jail for crimes they did not commit. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, hundreds of exonerations over the past few decades highlight the problem of wrongful convictions. Despite the progress of the U.S. judicial system, mistakes still happen, which is why it is so critical for every defendant to hire a reputable criminal attorney.

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If New York police have charged you with a criminal offense, or if you have been the victim of a false arrest, then contact Goldberg & Allen, LLP. We have represented clients in high-profile lawsuits against the city for police brutality and false arrest.

Call 212-766-3366 to schedule a consultation with a criminal attorney in New York City. Until then, read on to learn six factors that contribute to wrongful convictions:

  1. Mistaken Identity

Eyewitness misidentification remains the leading cause of wrongful convictions in the United States, as the Innocence Project explains. In fact, mistaken identity accounts for 72 percent of all wrongful convictions.

  1. Faulty Forensic Tests

Many methods of forensic testing have no scientific validation. Furthermore, research into their reliability and significance remains inadequate. Because of this, many forensic analysts testify in court without scientific evidence for their findings. Even worse, some forensic analysts actively engage in misconduct to help close cases.

  1. False Confessions

Being arrested is a terrifying experience. The nerves and anxiety can cloud a person’s judgment and decision-making, which can contribute to false confessions. Often, this is the direct result of police scare tactics or false promises.

  1. Government Misconduct

Unfortunately, too many government officials are corrupt. In many cases, police officers actively try to convict people – even if there is not enough proof to justify the conviction. The reasons for this misconduct vary, but it is often an attempt to increase conviction rates or to retaliate against certain members of the public.

  1. Perjury

Some people have incentives to commit perjury. Their motives are usually to get out of their own legal problems, but sometimes, they receive money or favors to give false testimony. Because witnesses are valuable sources of evidence, perjury can play a central role in convicting the wrong person.

  1. Hiring an Ineffective Criminal Attorney

A criminal attorney has a duty to help his or her clients. Unfortunately, many overworked lawyers fail to investigate their cases, prepare for trial or contact witnesses in accordance with legal standards. Many innocent people go to jail because their lawyers were incompetent, negligent or buried under too many cases for them to handle.

If you are facing charges for a crime that you did not commit, then contact Goldberg & Allen, LLP. A New York criminal attorney can investigate your situation.

Both Mr. Goldberg and Mr. Allen have many years of experience as prosecutors, giving them a unique skillset when it comes to defending clients who face criminal charges. If you would like to schedule a consultation with a New York City false arrest lawyer, call 212-766-3366.




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