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Understanding the Potential Outcomes of a False Arrest Case

Any arrest is a traumatic event, but if you have done nothing wrong or if police have violated your rights, then the matter becomes downright frustrating. Who is supposed to protect your rights if not the police?


Sadly, this story is all too common in New York City. Although most officers have citizens’ interests at heart, and some false arrests involve an honest mistake, many of these cases stem from a blatant disregard for the law.

The road to fighting a false arrest can seem hopeless. In fact, most people assume that filing a lawsuit against the police is a waste of time. However, your actions not only may help you recover compensation, but they could also prevent other victims from suffering the same mistreatment.

Like almost all legal matters, no two false arrest cases are identical. This is why determining the outcome of a false arrest can be challenging. If you would like to find out if you have a strong case, your best source of information is an experienced attorney.

If you believe that you have been arrested without a justifiable cause, contact Goldberg & Allen, LLP today. A New York City criminal lawyer from our firm can determine if filing a lawsuit for false arrest would be in your best interests. Call us today at 212-766-3366 to schedule a free case review.

What Constitutes a “False Arrest?”

As the term implies, false arrests are events in which private citizens are unlawfully held against their will. While there are a number of specific factors that differentiate a legal arrest form an illegal one, New York law clearly outlines strict protocols for police to follow when detaining a suspect.

Investigating whether or not your case is indeed a false arrest will require a thorough breakdown of the entire situation. This will help your attorney pinpoint where and when your rights were violated.

You should keep a record of all the events that transpired. Witnesses are often helpful in recounting such details.

Can I Recover Compensation from a Successful Claim?

Individuals who have been unjustifiably arrested may be entitled to compensation. These rewards cover the violation of your rights and compensation for physical and emotional suffering.

You should keep in mind that there is no standard amount given just for being the victim of a false arrest. Your damages will depend on the nature of your arrest and the severity of any injuries you may have sustained from the officer.

If you have been falsely arrested and would like to speak with a New York City criminal attorney, contact Goldberg & Allen, LLP today at 212-766-3366. During your free case review, we will determine if filing a lawsuit would be in your best interests. If so, then we will structure your claim, negotiate your settlement and litigate your case if it goes to court. Call our office today to learn more.


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