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If I Was Found Not Guilty, Can I Sue for False Arrest?

A false arrest is an unacceptable infringement that cuts to the very core of the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Victims in these cases may feel powerless in their pursuit of justice.

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Filing a lawsuit against the law enforcement body that arrested you may seem like an uphill battle, and these cases can be difficult to win, but your actions can save other people from suffering the same mistreatment. If you were falsely arrested, then you probably have a long list of questions. Your best source for answers is an attorney with experience handling these cases.

If you would like to speak with a false arrest attorney in New York City, contact Goldberg & Allen, LLP at 212-766-3366 for a free case review. We can evaluate your situation to determine if you have valid grounds for a lawsuit.

In the meantime, read on to learn the answers to three false arrest FAQs:

  1. If I was found not guilty, can I sue for false arrest?

If previous charges were dropped, then it may seem like you were “falsely arrested,” but it is important to keep in mind that you can only sue if you were arrested without probable cause. According to, it is entirely possible that you were legitimately arrested but were still found not guilty, in which case you cannot sue for damages.

  1. What defines a false arrest?

Even if the courts dismiss your case, this doesn’t necessarily mean that police falsely arrested you. Generally speaking, if you were detained without probable cause, then you may have been a victim of false arrest. Your attorney can evaluate your situation to determine if this is the case.

  1. What should I do if police falsely arrested me?

Acquiring a copy of the police report is the first course of action to take as the victim of a false arrest. That document will contain a number of critical details that may prove significant in your case.

Witness testimonies may also corroborate your side of the story. Eyewitness accounts may be critical if you dispute the details on the official police record.

Due to the intricate nature of false arrest lawsuits, it is critical that you find an attorney with a track-record of successful outcomes in these cases. Most of these claims are difficult to win, which is why many attorneys won’t accept them.

However, if you were genuinely the victim of false arrest, then you should not be discouraged from pursuing justice. In addition to winning potential compensation, your actions may prevent others from suffering the same injustice.

If you were recently arrested without probable cause, then you may have valid grounds for a lawsuit against the police department. An attorney from Goldberg & Allen, LLP can evaluate your case, structure your claim and represent your interests during negotiations and potential litigation. To schedule a consultation, call 212-766-3366.

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