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Criminal charges filed against One World Trade Center jumpers

Thrill seekers often attempt daredevil feats that most Americans can barely even imagine. However, BASE jumpers, people who parachute from a stationary position, can often find themselves facing serious criminal charges. Recently, a New York ironworker found himself charged with three felonies after a once-in-a-lifetime jump from the new Freedom Tower.

It takes a certain kind of bravery to work in construction on a skyscraper project, and most especially on the tallest building in the country, the newly constructed One World Trade Center. Along with the dizzying heights, workers also have to deal with long hours, sometimes putting in 70 hour work weeks. One worker, who has toiled for the past five years on the project, sometimes spent the night sleeping on the work site because he was too tired to drive home. As this particular hard-hat wearing man was working hundreds of feet up in the air, he just couldn't shake the desire to jump from the building.

New York police investigator facing criminal charges of his own

An investigator for the New York State Police is in jail on child pornography charges. Plans are in progress for a bail package to be presented to the judge as soon as all the facts are gathered. The policeman has been suspended from his job without pay while being investigated for these criminal charges, which include the federal offense of allegedly downloading videos of young girls being sexually molested.

The accused individual has been with the state police for 14 years and has also worked as a lacrosse coach in both high school and college settings. He had to undergo a background check, which he passed, for the high school coaching job before being hired last December. The high school has released him from the position after his arrest.

Man facing drug charge after leaving package in rental car

A New York man recently took a round trip drive between New York and Boston in a rental car. He is now in jail under a $150,000 bail for suspicion of drug dealing. This case began when the man returned his rental car to the Budget car rental agency and allegedly forgot to retrieve a stash of drugs placed under the dashboard. He is now facing a drug charge for possession as a result.

According to the rental agency, he called claiming to have forgotten some medicine for his baby in the car after realizing his mistake. The rental agents were suspicious of the so-called medicine, which was packaged in 250 small envelopes, and contacted the Port Authority police. Arrangements were made by police pretending to work for the rental company to meet with the 30-year-old father the next day, purportedly to return the medicine.

New York middle school math teacher charged with felony offense

A New York middle school teacher is out of the classroom on paid administrative leave after being arrested recently for grand larceny. The 39-year-old mathematics instructor is accused of stealing $100,398, a felony offense, from the Guilderland Teachers Association. The accused teacher served as treasurer for the organization. While away from her teaching duties, a certified substitute teacher has taken over her Academic Intervention Services classes, which offer students extra assistance with their math studies.

The alleged theft occurred within the time period from Aug. 2012 to Oct. 2013. School officials assured members of the community that no district money was involved, only funds belonging to the 450 members of the teachers association. They also report that her teaching skills and classroom conduct are not being called into question.

New York assemblyman suspected of fraud for high per diem claims

In the early morning hours last Wednesday a New York Assemblyman arose from his slumber to take some over-the-counter pain medication. Little did he know that, just a few minutes later, FBI agents would be knocking at his hotel door. The agents are apparently investigating the politician for possible fraud in his travel voucher claims.

Under the current system, legislators can request up to $172 each day to cover food and lodging expenses while on state business. The per diem, which is in addition to his regular salary, can really add up to a lot of money. In past years, he has reportedly claimed over $59,000 in reimbursements for work-related travel expenses. In the first three months of this year he has collected over $10,000 in per diem payments. The assemblyman explains that his expenses are high because he often visits his district, even in off-session times.

Reputed gang member faces criminal charges for shooting death

A 14-year-old alleged gang member is being charged as an adult in the shooting death of a passenger on a New York City bus. The 39-year-old passenger was traveling home to dinner when he was shot in the head. The young teen, who is now facing serious criminal charges, reportedly fired one shot on the bus at a rival gang member before jumping off the bus, still shooting at his target, who was running away from the shooter.

The entire incident was caught on video, which is currently being reviewed by detectives. This will help them to piece together all the events that led to the death of the bystander. Currently, the accused teen is awaiting arraignment on several charges, including second-degree murder.

Defendant in New York drunk driving fatality facing murder charge

For many people, a glamorous night on the town in New York City would be a night to remember. Recently, a man from a southern state who operates a forklift for a living had just such an evening. He rode in a luxury car, went to a fashion show, dined at a nice restaurant and partied at a Chelsea nightclub. Unfortunately, the memories of that night will also involve its tragic ending, all due to alleged drunk driving.

Police say that the 23-year-old man left the club momentarily in the early morning hours to get some fresh air. Apparently, the club's bouncers refused to allow him to reenter the building. This is when he allegedly stole a truck from a nearby hotel. Police report that he rushed down 7th Avenue, sped through a red light and crashed into an MTA bus at approximately 5:30 a.m. The bus driver was killed.

Self-proclaimed cosmetologist faces felony charge

Last summer, a 22-year-old college student went missing and her mother desperately tried to find her. No foul play was evident at first, so the police were unable to offer any assistance despite the mother's plea for help. The missing New York woman was eventually discovered dying after a 911 call. Now, a 28-year-old cosmetologist finds herself facing a felony charge for the death of the former college student.

The tragic scenario all transpired at a hotel in the meatpacking district, which offers rooms by the hour. A New Jersey woman reportedly rented a room using her credit card for the purpose of performing a buttocks lift cosmetic procedure on the young college student. The self-proclaimed cosmetologist allegedly injected the woman with silicone, which led to her having a seizure about two hours into the procedure.

Young New Yorkers facing drug offense charges

A 20-year-old man is facing multiple weapon and drug charges after police executed a search warrant on an apartment. According to authorities, three others in the same New York apartment building were subsequently taken into custody to face charges for similar drug offenses. Drug offense charges made against the first man include criminal possession and sale of a controlled substance, which are both felonies. Marijuana possession and other misdemeanor charges were also made against all of the accused.

Search warrants were secured and executed for two separate apartments within the New York apartment building. Police discovered a variety of controlled substances that were allegedly for sale. They also reported that the first individual arrested is accused of selling a stolen revolver from the apartment, a class D felony.

Preschool contractor charged with white collar offense

A study by The New York Times has found many problems with the state of New York's special education preschools. The problems are not related to the care of the children, but with how the money is spent. Recently, a contractor who provided programs for children with problems in development at one such preschool admitted to the white collar offense of mishandling funds.

He negotiated a plea deal in an attempt to avoid a lengthy trial and ensure the best possible outcome. Officials reported that according to the negotiated plea agreement, the man will forfeit nearly $2 million and agreed to pay restitution of over $2 million to the city's education department. He will be incarcerated for up to 63 months and face additional fines.

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